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  Project Patti Kaduva  
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Neelagiri Kaduva Neelagiri Kaduva - First Discovery Dijo Thomas proves New Species F3B-NSPM
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Project - Neelagiri Kaduva

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Project Patti Kaduva:

Urgent Sponsorship required for the highly important Project to Track, Visually Identify & Take Photographs of the NEW Species, (PattiKaduva), which is Critically Endangered & to Protect the NEW Species, which is 1000 times rarer than even Pandas or Tigers; which had become extinct 100 to 150 years before. Patti Kaduvas were recently discovered by me in Neyyar Dam, Kerala, after a Search of 20 years.

We are looking for maximum support from your end to Find, Study, Conserve & Protect NEW Species, Patti Kaduva, which is Critically Endangered.

Dijo Thomas says with surety that Patti Kaduva will be the rarest animal in the world, with the confirmed population of initial 4 {now only 2 remaining (as 2 cubs were killed by local people)}, highest probability of 10 and maximum possibility of only 25-30 (highly unlikely) in the whole world.
Massive and very Expert Tracking, which Dijo Thomas already posses through more than 10 years of tracking Wild Elephants, Sambar Deer, Gaur, Leopard, Tiger, Bear etc. in the wild; & that too All Alone. This skill is very much required to get photographs and direct sightings of Patti Kaduva.

Area of Operation: The area covered will be Forests of Kerala especially Southern Region, and other areas where it once existed. + Countryside of Kanjani in Thrissur

I want to save the remaining few Patti Kaduvas before it is killed by Local people or before it becomes totally extinct.
 Project PattiKaduva {Phase 1}
 [1.] Search & Track the New Species, in an area of about 700 sq. Kms in Thiruvananthapuram District Forests & nearby areas
 [2.] Visually Identify
 [3.] Take Photographs of the NEW Species, PattiKaduva, which is Critically Endangered.
 [4.] To create Awareness Campaign among the local people not to kill or abuse the NEW & Critically Endangered Species Patti Kaduva
 To Study the behavior pattern of the New Species. {Phase 2}
 To save the New Species from total Extinction & Conserve it. {Phase 2}

Project PattiKaduva {Phase 2}
 To study the NEW Species, Patti Kaduva, in its Natural Habitat.
 To study & understand the behavior patterns & other details of hither through unknown species Patti Kaduva
 Use that information to conserve Patti Kaduvas better, before they become totally extinct.
 To Save the Patti Kaduva sighted in Neyyar Dam area before they are killed by the local people. Two cubs of Patti Kaduva sighted there initially has both been killed. Not more than 10 may exist in the whole world.
 To find out if it still exists in other forests & if it does, to protect them
 Help Forest Department in developing a Strategy to protect this highly rare Species. Without the right Strategy, they may become totally Extinct, within no time.
 To add the New Species in the Wildlife List & make its Existence known to the whole World.

Project Patti Kaduva {Phase 1} Details
The Team: The team will number around 10-15 of handpicked persons. It will consist mainly of a few members of Global Wildlife Conservation Society & other experts.
It will be headed by Dijo Thomas, Wildlife Expert, Conservationalist, Researcher etc.
At a time only 4-5 members of GWCS + 2/3 Watchers + 1 cook of the Team will enter the forest.
The team will search the forests Day & Night for 5 days at a stretch, total 15 Days a month.

Neelagiri Kaduva Neelagiri Kaduva - First Discovery Dijo Thomas proves New Species F3B-NSPM
Unique Details & Facts

Project - Neelagiri Kaduva

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I want to save the remaining few Patti Kaduvas before it is killed by Local people.

Probably around 25 Patti Kaduvas are left in the whole world. But i doubt it.

Need your urgent help to save the remaining few Patti Kaduvas, which has come back from extintion.

Dijo Thomas

I Dedicate the Discovery of Patti Kaduva to the Kerala Forest Department.

I take this occasion to congratulate the Kerala Forest Department personal from the Head of Forest Force to the BFOs & Watchers [EXCEPT CWW G. Harikumar], who work tirelessly to protect the precious wildlife & Forests, away from public glare. I request you all to make it a point to appreciate the hard work done by the Kerala Forest Department , & thank them for protecting the remaining forests.

The Chief Wildlife Warden down to the BFOs & Watchers, work tirelessly to conserve the rich Flora & Fauna of our Forests. They are chased by wild animals in the Forests; outside it they are scolded by the public for attacks by wild animals. Really it is a thankless job.

I dedicate this discovery of a new species to the Kerala Forest Personnel; good work done by them in protecting the Wildlife & Forests


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